The International Folklore Festival began in 1992. Before the pandemic, Carpinone’s folk group (known as “Ru Maccature”) used to organize this wonderful celebration on the 11-12th of August. It was one of the main folkloristic festival of Italy since 2006. It hosted groups from all over the world!

Ru Maccature”’s folk group.

ORIGIN – Carpinone’s “Ru Maccature” folk group was born in 1971 with the original name “Pentria’s Nightingales”. In 1987, after a short period of inactivity, the group came back with the actual name which derives from the typical and homonymous wedding dance. 

COSTUME – The costume, taken from an ancient reproduction, dates back to the beginning of the century and it is made of humble materials but with an excellent chromatic effect. A high regard goes to the shirts, embroidered with a particular stitch known as “swallow’s nest”.

GROUP – The group consists of 35 elements divided between dancers, singers and musicians. They generally play a Molisian traditional repertoire, especially Carpinone’s pieces. The entire repertoire is based on a meticolous research shown through dances and songs which can have a scenic effect by respecting the traditional values they want to express.

INSTRUMENTS – The group performs with typical instruments, both musical and rhythmical – a squeeze box with two basses (called “du bott”), accordion, guitar, shawm, tric a ballà and tambourine -, which recreate the typical music of the rural tradition.